Top Freshwater Fishing Destinations

Freshwater fishing for salmon, trout or sea trout on pristine rivers, streams and lakes is often the natural choice for many UK and European anglers who are venturing into destination fishing for the first time.

Much of the tackle, techniques and good spinning reel will be familiar to fishers who already pursue trout and salmon at home, though the fish will undoubtedly be bigger or more plentiful. And the scenery alone will take your breath away.

Top freshwater fishing

For trout fishers, New Zealand has long been considered the Mecca, and with good reason. Sight fishing for huge browns and rainbows amid the stunning mountains of the South Island is as good as trout fishing gets. But much closer to home, Iceland is gaining a reputation for superb wild brown trout fishing with prolific hatches and a large population of big, free-rising trout.

Don’t forget the American West, though, where some of the finest trout fishing can be combined with a true family holiday and where the kids can become cowboys for a week. And for a real adventure, the rivers of Patagonian Chile are one of trout fishing’s best kept secrets and can be combined with an amazing sightseeing or horse riding holiday.

Iceland is, of course, famed for its Atlantic salmon fishing, and with a growing catch-and-release culture, rivers across Iceland are reporting better fishing than ever. With plenty of fish, often visual fishing in crystal clear water, and smaller rivers necessitating the use of single-handed rods, Iceland is the ideal destination for trout anglers seeking their first foray for salmon.

Nowhere are the rivers clearer, though, than in eastern Canada, where Atlantic salmon can be caught on dry flies. And for the chance of a really big fish, the powerful rivers of Norway are still a prime choice.

For the biggest sea trout on the planet, Argentina reins supreme, with luxurious fishing lodges and top quality guides on both the Gallegos river in mainland Patagonia and the Rio Grande in Tierra Del Fuego. Here there is fishing for either single-handed rods or classic Spey casting. Patagonia is a true wilderness at the ends of the Earth with breathtaking landscapes combined with warm hospitality and some of the best beef and wines you have ever tasted.

For something really different, northern Argentina’s marshlands offer one of the most explosive freshwater fly rod fish, the golden dorado.

And for the best of all worlds, British Columbia might just be the choice. Here steelhead, sea-run rainbow trout, swim the wilderness rivers alongside king, sockeye, pink and chum salmon as well as dolly varden and sea-run cutthroats.

Whatever your target species, Halstead and Boltona’s freshwater portfolio offers the finest destinations, all researched and tested by our expert team. And if you are unsure of the destination that would suit you best, just ask and one of our partners will be happy to answer all your questions.